Happy Birthday

No wonder I think you're a super person, Cheryl. We share the same name. We both write YA novels. We're both aquarians!

Have a wonderful celebration on the 10th.



Random Acts of Publicity has been a week of talking about new YA books. Enjoyed posting the comments and look forward to doing it again.

Cosmic Stuff

Something very weird is happening. I think of a person--even one I haven't thought of in a long while-- and suddenly they call or they email or they bump into me at the fish market! What is this? Three times this month I've re-connected with people I haven't seen in years.

Maybe some kind of cosmic re-alignment. How about Global Warming? It gets blamed for everything else.


Opening Lines

Once Upon a Time
I remember when "Once Upon a Time" lured me into stories where I could be guaranteed a handsome prince, a few elves, and maybe a unicorn. These words promised an adventure and hours of enjoyment.

I still read the beginning of books that I consider buying and it's those opening words that either capture my interest or don't. I thought it might be interesting to see what kinds of openings grab people.

So, here's a challenge. Once a month (this is not a contract, but a goal) I'll post a story type: Young Adult Adventure or Romance or Fantasy. And then I'll write an opening (no more than one sentence, but it doesn't have to be a sentence).

I'd love to see what kinds of other opening lines you'll contribute. Hey, maybe I'll think of a prize for the BEST STORY OPENING--one I won't be eligible to win.

So how about this month we play with that YA Adventure story? Here's how my story would start.

I've kept the secret for almost three months, but I have to tell someone soon because I've only got another week before it'll be too late.

Cybils Rock

Jim Averbeck's book, "In a Blue Room" was one of
the nominations for the 2008 Cybil's award. Nothing could make me happier. He's a super guy with talent that these awards has certainly validated.

Yeah, Jim.